• rovescio, tour, street, art, ostiense, roma associazione
  • rovescio, associazione, tour, street, art, streetart, ostiense, roma, gazometro
rovescio, associazione rovescio

An itinerary to discover, along with our tour guides, the urban art that colours the streets of the neighborhoods of: Ostiense, Garbatella, Testaccio and Tor Marancia.

rovescio, associazione rovescio
These are the street art tours reserved for all the enthusiasts of the two wheels that don’t pollute. A long ride within unexpected places and alternative routes.
rovescio, associazione rovescio
A unique experience, out of the ordinary, which allows us to explore the city and its artwork comfortably sitting in the iconic T2 VolksWagen van.

Activities and guided tours addressed to the users of tomorrow. Lessons and workshops, combined with educational projects, so that the youngest can discover Rome’s street art.

Estate Urbana – Special Tours
Discover. Get into. Experience. Deepen.

Rovescio Street Fest inaugurated on July 4th the Estate Urbana, an event that will last until the first Sunday of August.

For all those who live in the Capital, Rovescio offers an opportunity to revisit the main places of the Rovescio Street Fest. Our expert guides will accompany you to discover never seen Rome through 5 special tours. It will be a unique experience that will allow thestreet art fans and curious to discover the most interesting nuances of street art from Garbatella, Ostiense to Testaccio.

So don’t play for time and book now for the one of the next Sundays!


After a short summer break Rovescio is back to color your Sunday afternoon with its activities.

Walking tours are fully operative again, every Sunday, and by visiting the section BOOKING, you will be able to register for the next tours, even right now.

The starting point will be the CAE (Città dell’Altra Economia), right next to the cubes made during the Rovescio Street Fest, the inaugural event of the Estate Urbana (an event included in the Estate Romana 2015 exposition).


Rovescio is a no-profit cultural organization and a community. Our goal is to involve anyone in Rome who wishes to undertake activities which are out of the ordinary. We want to create a network, but not just that. We want to promote and to make alternative and original forms of art known, raise awareness of their value not only among the enthusiasts but also, and especially, among those who still aren’t familiar with this type of art, but who are conscious and sensible to the on-going changes of the current cultural scenario.

We have worked hard to define the contemporary paths of the street art tours as a launching ramp for our activities, but our gaze is towards all those new and evolving forms of expression.

Whether you are travelers passing through or residents of the city, come and meet us: our interest is to make every new encounter an opportunity of cultural exchange and mutual enrichment.

Mail: info@rovescio.org

+39 389 9921126



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